Jul/Aug 2007

e c l e c t i c a  
t r a v e l


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Truk Lagoon: Graveyard in Paradise
I think back to what a friend in Guam told me. "Do yourself a favor and skip Chuuk," she said. "The Chuukese are the meanest people in Micronesia, maybe in all of the Pacific."  
J.D. Riso


Going Home
There are a few lazy attempts to jump the queue and a couple succeed. I am too exhausted to even argue. Behind me is my South African friend. She's in tears because she's missed her flight. Apparently she was asked to repack her luggage because of weight restrictions and while she was in the process of doing that, she was suddenly told that check-in had closed.  
Ike Anya


Another Night in Bangkok
A familiar, fallen angel's voice singing over sad, jangly guitars floating out of the speakers as we enter Woodstock, the only non-sex bar in Soi 4, commonly known as Soi Nana. Low and dreamy, though clear--almost coy--like a woman humming to herself while brushing her hair, looking out the window and waiting for someone she knows will never return.  
Daniel Hudon


Getting to Koh Phanang
On the ferry you feel very, very bad. People offer you support, advice, and less helpfully in a country where they still have the death penalty for such things, illicit drugs. You try lying down on the floor, and one of the guards needs to be convinced that you haven't already taken said drugs.  
Sam Byfield


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