Jul/Aug 2007 Poetry

Two Poems

by Michaela A. Gabriel

Photography by Kawika Chetron


clatter from
eve's new mouth   :   blue
blue witching hour   :   born between
her lips   :   a first commandment   :   seduction   :   he understands
       the licorice sky   :   the purpose of twin veins across
her wrists   :   the gatekeeper's stance   :   so begins the reign of

tears   :   the denial of wings   :   an angel spits soot   :   but adam has
        learned to see   :   when bees buzz & grass is greener
than any other colour   :   even her eyes   :   even the pattern on
the snake's smooth back   :   who needs
a kaleidoscope   :   who
needs a light


carbon (c)


this is
their first
night   :   a distant
star blinks its blessing   :   clouds nudge
one another past the scene   :   the garden becomes a whisper   :  
        a split tongue healing with soft sounds   :   adamas   :  
rounded and red   :   like unplucked apples   :   who conquers whom   :  

his breath her hair   :   her hair his spine   :   he sees daughters in
        eve's eyes   :   blueprints in the dazzling half-moons of
her fingernails   :   pupils dilate   :   hands become aware of all the
secrets that lie in the rising & falling   :  
but the naming of
things can


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