Jan/Feb 2007  •   Fiction

e c l e c t i c a
s p e c i a l   f e a t u r e


This issue, we're proud to present five flash fictions generated by Alex Keegan's Boot Camp Writers during their second annual Children in Need Flash Marathon.

A group of 25 writers wrote non-stopfor up to 30 hours, with seven writers actually managing the whole thirty. One Boot Camper, Lexie Fox, actedas non-writing secretary, sending out the pre-written prompts every hour. The writers produced 345 stories and poems, 38 of which were published in Brain Dead, a print anthology, and five of which were blindly selected by Eclectica and appear below.

Over the two marathons, Boot Campers and Guests have raised 16,500 ($32,000) for children in need.

(These are excerpts—click on the title to view the whole story!)

The year of the card player

The old men say that the devil came that year to Segovia, under the guise of a young man named Jeronimo Rugera.

Cedric Popa

Killing Bulls

When he was told, on one of these nights, that a young toreador wanted to see him, he wasn't surprised. They came all the time, all trying to make a name, all imploring him to let them fight against one of his best bulls.

Cedric Popa

Geoff Says Farewell

He's not even sure Tyrone's going to care. His boy has this way of looking at him like he, from head to foot, has been sculpted from turd.

Michael J. Hulme

The Undressing of Ursula

It's not that she's a disappointment, far from it.

Michael J. Hulme


That night we was playing the Orleans Harp, Papa Bill on drums, myself on bass, Spherical Johnson on trumpet, and we was hitting all the right notes.

Kenneth Shand