Oct/Nov 2006

e c l e c t i c a
s a l o n


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No Excuse

Make no mistake. We're not talking about business as usual here. Saying the current Republican power structure is no more corrupt than the Democrats have been in the past is like saying school violence isn't any more shocking now than it was pre-Columbine.

Tom Dooley


Culture Wars

The ghost of Big Bill Haywood has left the old mining camps. He's come east to be with me and my own. The wobblies have all ridden the rails backwards. Mother Jones lives in Queens.

Stanley Jenkins


Homo Habilis

Not just our bodies, but our minds are clothed. How else explain our total acceptance of the clothed state as the normal one and nakedness as the aberration? To strip someone and make them stand naked is to humiliate them, degrade them to something less than human.

Thomas J. Hubschman