Oct/Nov 2006

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words vinegar, fossil, heedless, and embroider.


Two Poems
A black widow tats doilies across
my husband's eyes. Blind, he seeds
marigolds in the kitchen cupboards
Shanna Germain


the silence is worse
someone had scribbled purple
pencil crayon over the
wild-eyed man's face
Rob Taylor


From the Side Window
I can see a grove of bamboo trees.
When it drizzles, they shed their rust colors,
become green.
Arun Gaur


A Love Song for Leviathan
What we craved
was instant hugeness, rearing terrors,
something absolute without a shape
Adam Elgar


Love, Death, Etc.
I don't explain that there aren't any angels to consult, and that if there were, they'd hurl themselves like drunks onto the gleaming knives and spears of the spires below.  
Howard Good


One-Room Flat
he liked peanut
butter, Botero women,
and standing right where
the 9.43 bus stopped
Arlene Ang


Bathos I
Christ arched his back in every corner,
while mezuzot stood erect in mine.
Laurie Soslow


We shouldn't be scraping
young men off the streets
like gum.
Bob Bradshaw


I bought charms from the old man
His hands trembledó
an epicenter of wreckó
as he gave me the bauble.
Rohith Sundararaman


Two Poems
hessian walls swayed in the wind
floorboards stuffed with paper
kept hope out
cockroaches in
Barbara De Franceschi


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