Jul/Aug 2006

e c l e c t i c a
s a l o n


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Shut Up, Ann Coulter

This is one self-professed liberal's opinion that Ann Coulter is a bony, blonde version of Tony Snow's tar baby.

Tom Dooley


Fame at Last

But by the late Summer dusk, we looked at those rows of little pines and smiled. Generations yet unborn, we knew, would be shaded by these trees. We put away our tools, wiped off the worst of the sweat, and got pig drunk. Life was good.

Paul Sampson


The Enemy Amongst Us

There are about six billion people in the world. That means that to have some sort of evil influence on each one of them, every demon would have to service about 45 people. I used to work for a big-city welfare department. I also counseled drug addicts. So I have some idea of the maximum caseload a professional can competently handle. Forty-five seems to be right on the edge.

Thomas J. Hubschman