Apr/May 2006

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Deepest Fear
My father was breathing hard. Suddenly, I realized that while I was growing up, he was growing old. "I guess we better turn around," he panted. "If I go much farther, I won't make it back down."  
Lyn Fox


Lost at Sea
We saw lovely birds: the heavy pelicans and the horror-movie cormorants that sit on the phone lines with their wings spread out. Those birds remind me of loons when they try to take off. They are not well-equipped for flight. We saw huge white jellyfish and the little houseboats and sailboats moored in water just deep enough to hold them. However, the hour was growing late, and we had seen no sign of home.  
Amy Hoff-MacKay-Jones


Boarding in the Empire of the Sun
Expect great snow, expect awesome powder throughout the whole season, expect to have the mountainside to yourself during the week, expect to be the first to carve your way through virgin snow without having to get up at the crack of dawn, expect to be treated like a celebrity in the rural hills, and you won't be disappointed.  
Selene Moore


Atlantic City and its Animals
"They're proven to promote health and energy," Kim said. "If you put plants inside the pyramid, they grow three times faster than plants outside it." Kim admits the high-end pet market in Korea remains small, but it's growing.  
David A. Taylor


Peace and Protests in Thailand
We were a short tuk-tuk (three-wheeled motorcycle rickshaw) from the center of Chiang Mai and its famous Night Market. Famous, I guess, for having goods of dubious authenticity at very low prices. I picked up a pair of Teva sandals for around $4. They look real, but I wouldn't bet my Air Jordans on it.  
Mike Spice


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