Apr/May 2006

e c l e c t i c a
s a l o n


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The Top

Up there on the windy cliff top, I felt both minuscule and mighty, a tiny object with a big, big view. It was an intoxicating and, apparently, addictive experience. The claustrophobic in me hankers for open space and a perch from which to appreciate its full sweep and depth.

Thomas J. Hubschman


Tell Me a Story

I am listed on the masthead as the "Nonfiction/Miscellany Editor," and while I do not know any more than you do what is included under "miscellany," I have a few notions about what constitutes "nonfiction," and even "creative nonfiction."

Paul Sampson


Climbing Jacob's Ladder (Raccoons and Jesus in Queens)

He did not even bother being startled by my presence. Took my measure and walked on down the street. Left me trembling and thrilled with a fake ID in the dark. Unmanned.

Stanley Jenkins