Oct/Nov 2011

e c l e c t i c a
f i c t i o n


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"You know, you look very cute," Superlover says suddenly, as if he's just discovered this fact.

Crispin Oduobuk

Puppy Wonderland

Kanye, the Pug, with his smushed, concerned little face like that of some decent and outraged clergyman, has fallen in love with a black and white guinea pig called Oreo. I hold Kanye up to Oreo's cage and let them smell each other. It is a yearning, complicated thing, and both of them cry and whine to be together.

Nadine Darling

Return to Tannu Uriankhai

Tuva! The preferred destination for people who find Siberia and Mongolia too cosmopolitan! Before our first parent interview, I took some courses in throat singing, while my wife conscientiously assembled several yurts.

James Warner

Eighteen Months in Eight Minutes

"Well, Joe," she said. "If you really want to know, give me your hand again." I obliged her. She squeezed harder, took a deep breath and closed her eyes. The stone in her necklace burned orange. "You want me to tell you our story?" she said. I gave a dumb nod.

Michael Hulme

Dr. Patel's Planets

He hung up the phone, knowing how stupid he must have sounded. He couldn't help himself sometimes, like when neighbors he barely knew would ask him in the elevator how he was and he'd reply, "Oh, I have a touch of cancer."

Richard Grayson

Hills Like Pink Elephants

Nothing had changed. Sincerity dressed in uncertainty. He sat down, the beer in his hand already half gone.

Bruce Stirling

A Photographic Ear

All my life, virtue had fit me like a tailor-made suit. As a child, the only game I wanted to play was Priest. I'd fill one of my mother's silver goblets with oyster crackers, set up a little altar, and make my brothers and sisters receive communion whether they wanted to or not.

Phoebe Kate Foster

The Goblin

The next morn Regnold went en chekked on the chikkens. Ther eds ur gone en the rest a them left allover the yard. Kood see the blood thru the fog, e sed, dint eat anythin seemed like. Dunno wot wur gonna do Mildred, Regnold sed to me, its getting expensive. E glanced round the kitchen en seemed weary. So I hugged im and oped that wud elp. E just stared for a long time at the floor.

Jonathan Redhorse

What It Is to Say Good-bye

The emergency room is a nightmare. This will become your favorite new word, nightmare, the sum of your memories, how you will later describe the endless wait to your sisters in the weeks to come, how you will explain that night to the baby when she has grown.

Peggy Duffy

The Roadhouse

Brenda smiled in the rearview mirror, so I, seated in the back behind Mary, could see. Old red barns? We'd seen dozens, hadn't we? The barns, the houses, the abandoned old shops with equally abandoned bicycles splayed out front with flat tires—they all stopped minutes ago, before the billboard. Now, it was just trees. And more trees.

Ali Fahmy

A Life Story

"And now, put your hands together and give a big Blues Café welcome to a music legend, Mr. Willie Fast Fingers Jackson."

Wayne Scheer