Jan/Feb 2006

e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words orphanage, eggshell, vile, and summon.


old tires
discarded after their
40,000 mile journeys
and stacked high
Stanley M. Noah


New Borders
None of the chairs
at my table wobble.
The barista boy assures me
it will be fixed.
Jennifer VanBuren


Berkely Waterfront
The dog is an arrow
Skimming the placid water-top
Ashok Niyogi


Directions on How to Forget
Sever a necessary limb.  
Jason Fraley


Up in Smoke
She came to me in a yellow sundress. She
looked like butter melting, like purple M & M's,
like Natalie Wood in This Property is Condemned.
Jose Rivera


Only five people remember
my name. Only one visits.
Joel Fry


Two Poems
Gathering, I sweat right through my boots
And curse and laugh and scramble
Up gullies and under rhododendrons
Cy Dillon


On the Mundi Mundi Plain
the body unties
self is fossilized & memory chipped
like the shells on the floor of this spinifex sea
Barbara de Franceschi


At Harry's Market
The shoppers touch, squeeze, and thump: the rounded horns
Of baby rhinos, the dark breasts of ancient queens.
Elena Arosemena


My Buddhist Beginning
little blue marble,
locked in great grandmother's
fragrant tin
Charles Clifford Brooks III


It unspools like a river,
like the silver
filaments of the moon's knitting.
Corey Mesler


Three Poems
Even if you've had them since puberty,
lose the pipe and the button-up sweater.
William Winfield Wright


Well Past Midnight
Finally, I used my one-way ticket back to the South
Flashing in winter light, unseen below, silent wings
Patrick Frank


The Swan
Some rowed backward, some rowed forward, some merely threshed the waves.  
Jared Carter


A Business Trip
In the fireplace the first, confused
insects have begun to roast.
Grzegorz Wróblewski


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