Oct/Nov 2003

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War: Means to an End
The realization that we could effectively extinguish ourselves in a great, cataclysmic bonfire seemed to sober people for awhile. It certainly sobered me as a kid watching made for tv movies about the end of the world, coming to grips with terms like "nuclear winter" and "mushroom cloud."  
Tom Dooley


Dead-End Thinking, or, "And So It Goes"
At the Dupont paint store here in San Miguel de Allende, they actually have an airless sprayer to rent, with which, after some extensive prep work, one man could paint an entire house in a day. But a brush works, so why use a roller? A roller works, so why rent an airless? If God had meant for man to fly, he would have given him wings, right?  
CE Chaffin


No Conspiracies Needed, Thank You
When you have nothing else to do, go to the WTO's web site and read it for yourself. It's all spelled out. Granted, they use language so twisted that it leaves you a little dizzy, and when they say that the poor will rise with the rich, they are lying, but you knew that. It's no secret. It is not a conspiracy, just Business As Usual, phrased in the familiar language of the marketing copywriter.  
Paul Sampson


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