Apr/May 2003

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American Schizophrenia: The Movie
Wait. If I were a radical, jew-hating fundamentalist Muslim cleric, what would I be supposed to make of all this? I really don't know, because as a moderate, mostly agnostic, middle-class American, I can't make heads or tails of the country in which I live.  
Tom Dooley


Yes, We Have No Bananas
Still, the advice of the tour guide was not untrue but more typically Mexican: what is prescribed publicly here often bears little relation to what is actually done. Public declarations of standards are deemed necessary to preserve the face of official Mexico, while behind the scenes much is allowed which is publicly proscribed.  
CE Chaffin


Ship Building
And having no confidence in an alternative, I have carved out my dignity accordingly. It is raw. It is remorseless. It is true like a lifeguard breaking the arm of a panicked drowner.  
Stanley Jenkins


The Next Hundred-Year War
My guess is that the trend toward short wars, named for numbers of days or hours, is over. I think we have begun the Second Hundred-Year War.  
The Wretched of the Air
So, in spite of its unique method of moving, an airplane is only doing what a saddled camel or a dogsled does. They all exist to get us from A to B a bit more expeditiously than walking. They extend our range. They shrink the map.  
Paul Sampson


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