Apr/May 2003 Salon

Oscar Wants to Sex You Up

by Tom Dooley

One more thing...

While I alluded to it when I mentioned Roman Polanski, Best Director and most loved pederast, I wasn't able to talk about how disturbingly sexist the Oscars were as a whole this year.

Don't get me wrong on the following: I think Steve Martin is genuinely funny, and his irreverent, intelligent, and biting humor is just what a pompous ceremony like the Oscars needs. Also, I like beautiful women, and I believe women like to be recognized as such. Finally, I think political correctness can be a bad thing if taken too far.

That being said, what was said and done during this year's Oscars would be more than enough evidence to win a sexual harassment case by proving the existance of a hostile and offensive work environment. Many women's physical appearances, including Halle Berry's, were the topic of discussion throughout the evening, and Berry along with others was (jokingly, yes) identified to 37 million viewers as one of Martin's sexual partners. Later, a jubilant Adrien Brody forced Berry to kiss him, long and hard, on the mouth. Later, the Oscar for Best Director was given to a known and repeat sex offender.

I just think it's ironic, and a further sign of how schizophrenic this country is, that if a Joe Shmoe worker in any typical workplace in this country were to take this year's Oscars as a cue for how to behave toward his female coworkers, he would be summarily fired and his employer liable for millions of dollars in lawsuits. His only hope would be that he happened to be a candidate for the U.S. Supreme Court and a conservative republican. Meanwhile, many of the nation's most famous and wealthiest women not only must endure this treatment, they have to act like they're enjoying it, while tens of millions of people all over the world watch.

Well, I guess they were asking for it.


Read the facts on sexual harassment.


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