Apr/May 2001

e c l e c t i c a   f i c t i o n


Everybody Must Get Stoned

The house smells of pot and rain and Tollhouse cookies baking in the kitchen. You know your mother is still at work. You hear Linda's voice in the living room. You hear your father's low chuckle.

Eric Bosse


Late Start

I remember looking in at her in the incubator, tubes in and out and over. She looked like some raw thing, a skinned knee, a tiny lump of sunburn, a veal cutletóa shame. I didn't feel sad;  I felt resigned. I finally get what everyone else already has, I thought, and still it's not quite right. It just figures.

Jennifer Hersh


Cutting the Blood

It wasn't long before the cops came knocking to ask if we had seen what went with the knife used in the murder down below. My mother said, "We didn't see nothing,Ē and closed the door.

Harold Bowman


Manhattan Evening, Eighty Degrees

Francine picks a cigarette from a pack on the counter. "Iíd like to be just about anyplace else," she says, blowing smoke. "Iíve had it with this town. Take me away. Take me to England." She rests her hand on his knee. "Youíll have to excuse me," she says. "Iím a little drunk."

Richard Hollins


Cantos de mi Padre

ďDonít be afraid to talk to her, son. Donít be afraid to grab what you want the most in life. But donít grab it just because you can. You respect the women you keep company with, or you wonít be worth respecting yourself.Ē

Thurman Hart


The Walk

Was I born with a tattoo of a mole on the back of my hand?  Of course not: itís impossible to be born with a tattoo, at least the kind that requires a needle and ink to apply.  And yet for me to say itís impossibleó-to say anything is impossibleó-is impossible in light of my strong belief in the notion that nothing, ultimately, is impossible.

D. Harlan Wilson


The Second Birthing of Young Tim

After school, Bobby and I raced outside to find our kites. Indonesians were a kite-flying and kite-fighting culture, and Bobby and I got right in the middle of it. In trade for our discarded soda bottles, the native boys showed us how to make fighting kites from bent bamboo and rice paper, and how to arm them with glass-coated string.

Lad Moore


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