Apr/May 2000

e c l e c t i c a   f i c t i o n


Jungle Quilt
I'm feeling a little wound up. I miss alcohol with this burning in my stomach. I figure if I can get up close to this woman, maybe she'll buy me a six-pack. I'll do anything.
A.M. Kiernan

England's Glory
I rolled over and looked up to see Sean pinned against a wall being pummeled by a group of skinheads. Despite his slight appearance, Sean could be a hard bastard. He was one of those skinny, white-skinned youths who could summon up deceptive strength, but against these odds he was powerless. He went down and they started to put the boot in.
Andrew H. Morton

The Execution of the Sun
Morning seized open. The sky came out naked and unwelcome. Deeply uncertain of his journey, Speed tried to nurse his fears with liquor and talk. A breakfast of vices. The other passengers, a sea of couples, read the disgrace on his cheeks and soon shunned him as a traitor to love.
Jason DeBoer

The Dawn of Civility
His copy of Dubliners had a rich, textured dark blue cloth cover, and a blue silk ribbon page marker. Gilt print on its spine. On the flyleaf he'd written, "James & Eve Together. January 1, 1993."
John Palcewski

One Day Sale
We have it figured out. The supermarket, that is. We’ve decided it is real, and we treat it like the hunting grounds.
Penny Freeland

Tips for this Vicinity
Hardness can be a heavy burden and to counteract this, I recommend occasional delicacy. Spider spit is good for this, a lovely medium, as are certain small types of smoke.
Maureen H. Tobin


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