Sept/Oct 1999 Editorials

Creating Space

by Tom Dooley


I'd like to talk a bit about Eclectica and the current issue. This issue was delayed three months due to my sudden departure last May. I think it'll prove itself worth the wait. The "Humor" section is back, with two pieces that made me laugh out loud even on the second reading. We have seven varied short stories, including one by sixteen-year-old Daniel Velton. I'm particularly impressed by the poetry, including that of our "Spotlight Author" Silvia Antonia Brandon Pérez, and also the five poems by Teresa White. There are a total of fifteen poems in this issue, which were chosen in a three-part jury process from over two-hundred contenders. I had the painful duty of rejecting one hundred and seven authors who submitted their writing for this issue of Eclectica, which means the authors who made it in, as always, faced stiff competition and high editorial standards.

This issue also contains my first three attempts at writing reviews. I give my thoughts on the epic children's adventure story Grumpuss, as well as two newly released cd's from Willis Alan Ramsey and Johnny Dowd.

(the rest of this editorial is offline for repairs)


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