Apr/May 1999 Contributor's Notes

E-Mail Tom Dooley co-edits Eclectica, teaches high school English and coaches wrestling in Tucson, Arizona. He seeks to appreciate things for what they are.

E-Mail Seth Abramson is a 1998 graduate of Dartmouth College and a first-year student at Harvard Law School. He has been published or will soon be published in a number of electronic poetry journals, including The Melic Review, Big Bridge Press, Limestone Magazine, The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks, and Duct Tape Press.

E-Mail Robert Berry writes from West Malaysia.

E-Mail Dail Bridges was born and raised in North Carolina and moved to Seattle, Washington in 1984, where she got a job with the National Marine Fisheries Service working on Japanese and Soviet fishing vessels in the Bering Sea. Dail has spent much of her adult life adventuring, working, and living around the world—locations include New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Africa, Russia, Ukraine, and the Caribbean. She currently resides and writes in Seattle, where she has taken on a whole new adventure: her son, Willis, born with passport in hand!

E-Mail Anthony Lee Brown is currently serving a life sentence at the Spring Creek Correctional Facility. The work he has published in past issues of Eclectica has resulted in disciplinary action and loss of privileges, which have consequently prevented his appearance in this issue.

E-Mail Mark Brown is a writer in Middle Tennessee whose work has appeared in AltaVista Entertainment, BeeHive, The Little Read Writer's Hood, Number One, The Red Mud Review, Explorations, and Squatter's Rites. He is currently completing his MA at Austin Peay.

E-Mail Joe Duarte is a software developer, aspiring writer, and objectivist. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

E-Mail Paul Haslup obtained a Lit. degree from The University of Maryland — College Park, and is still trying to find a way to turn that into a career. In the meantime, he refurbishes houses.

E-Mail Stanley Jenkin's stories and essays have or will appear in Amelia, 32 Pages, The Blue Moon Review, CrossConnectand the Oyster Boy Review. A former and current Spotlight Author, Stanley is a frequent contributor to Eclectica. He lives and works in Queens, New York.

E-Mail Julie King has an M.A. in creative writing and teaches at University of Wisconsin, Parkside. She is currently producing and directing her first short film.

E-Mail James J. Kopp holds a Ph.D. in American Studies from George Washington University. He has written and presented on aspects of medicine in utopian works as well as the influence of Edward Bellamy in the twentieth century. Dr. Kopp currently is Executive Director of PORTALS, a library consortium in Portland, and recently was appointed as Director of the Aubrey R. Watzek Library at Lewis & Clark College.

E-Mail Barbara Lefcowitz has published six collections of poetry, a novel, and invidual poems, short stories, and essays in over 350 jouurnals; she has won writing fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and Rockefeller Foundation, among others. She lives in Bethesda, Maryland, and is also a visual artist.

E-Mail Adam Marcus is a reporter for HealthScout, an on-line news service. He wrote the story "Personal Assets" as a graduate writing student at John Hopkins University. He lives with his wife in New York City.

E-Mail Alex Pepple is an electrical & software engineer living in the San Francisco Bay area of California. He has been writing poetry for almost three years, and his poems have been published in Savoy Magazine and Snakeskin.

E-Mail Chris Roblee went to Bard College. He plans to head back to the Merchant Marine on the Great Lakes or head for Shanghai or somewhere in Taiwan, or maybe Thailand.

E-Mail Web Page Paul Sampson labors heroically as a technical writer for a mammoth corporation. He has been a professional writer and editor for many years, but he prefers to do the kind of writing you can't make a living from. Some of his recent essays and poems appear in The Alsop Review, The 2River View, the British publication World Wide Writers II, and the new anthology Best Texas Writing (Rancho Loco Press). He lives on the outskirts of a small town east of Dallas, Texas.

E-Mail Evelyn Sharenov has appeared in Glimmer Train Press, Fugue, Talus and Scree, Pulpsmith and is forthcoming in Zoetrope. She also has work online in XConnect. She received an Oregon Institute of Literary Arts grant in fiction, a Fishtrap fellowship, and was cited in 1993's Best American Short Stories. Her first collection of short stories will be published this spring/summer by Alms House Press, New York.

E-Mail Web Page Ann Skea lives in Australia and is author of Ted Hughes: The Poetic Quest (UNE Press, Australia).

E-Mail Paul A. Toth's credits include Web Del Sol, The Blue Moon Review, Eternity and Satire.

E-Mail Frank Van Zant describes himself as a teacher of near dropouts, coach, and father of three. A two-time Pushcart nominee, his recent work has been published in Flying Horse, Crania, and The Maverick Press. Recent anthologies include A Prose Poem Primer and XY Files: Poems On The Male Experience. His first book The Lives of the Two-Headed Baseball Siren will be available in time for spring training ‘99 from Kings Estate Press.

E-Mail Richard K. Weems' recent credits include The Mississippi Review, Pif Magazine and the latest issue of Sparks.

E-Mail Duncan Ford Young is a naval officer and works as a meteorologist in Central California, where he lives with his wife and a dog.


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