June/July 1998

Eleven Hours

Paullina Simons
St. Martin's 1998, 304pp
ISBN: 0-312-18091-8

review by Harriet Klausner

With her baby due any day, Didi Woods should have stayed home and rested rather than go off to do last minute shopping at the North Park Shopping Center. Didi will regret her decision to go out for the rest of her life. On that day, Lyle Luft entered Didi's life, changing it forever.

From the moment she sees him, Didi feels that there is something evil about Lyle. She tries to keep her distance, but he will not allow his prey to escape him. He follows her out of the mall into the parking lot, where he forces her inside his van.

For the next eleven hours, Didi takes a journey into the bowels of hell. Although law enforcement officials are desperately searching for her, Didi knows that, as remote as it seems, she is her only hope of survival.

Told in the third person, with the point of view constantly shifting from the heroine's dilemma to her husband's effort to find her. This changing perspective makes Eleven Hours all the more interesting as it adds momentum to the already frantic and frenzied pace of the storyline. The heroine comes across as every woman, reacting naturally under horrific conditions. Her spouse's desperation and angst reaches out and touches the heart of all who read it. This novel is a deep voyage into psychological horror and demonstrates how talented Paullina Simons truly is.

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