Jul/Aug 2020

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems

Poems containing the words hope, walk, sugar, and sky.


Three Japanese Forms
We pointy-headed
intellectuals, put down
books, take up shotguns
Gerard Sarnat


Tonight, I bid them all a crowned farewell (4/17/2020)
(Spotlight Runner-Up!)
Fatal lightning striking all over
our planet, corkscrew fear.
Diane Sahms


Duck's feet, arrows on the snow,
mirrored a child's game
that we didn't know.
Alan Humm


Kitchen World
Solids are whisked up into gases that
melt to liquid in your mouth.
This is the world I love.
Rebecca Longenecker


the black-line base of it soothes my black Madonna throat
Claretta Holsey


The Genius of Men
Satiated to the edge of sickness
Like too much cotton candy at the fair
Joanna Collins


Raising Mothers
She is lost inside the land
of it makes no difference if it's day or night.
Bridget Bell


Birds on a Wire
Beneath them electricity pulses,
turning on computers
and dishwashers all over town
Claudia Buckholts


Painted Whale
She is the captain of the deep,
the longest swimmer, the warmest,
and the most intelligent
Rachel Aviva Burns


No, tonight I will make something of myself.
Carol Barrett


Nothing changes in the world when I say
Vesper Sparrow
Sharon McDermott


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