Jan/Feb 2016

e c l e c t i c a  
t r a v e l


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Spanish Lessons
A man slid in line behind me—tall, with dark eyes and a rugged face. His long wool coat seemed a bit much for spring, but I imagined he just flew in from somewhere cold...
Cindy Carlson


Letter from Estonia: Past, Future, and Present
Just a couple of decades ago the two-hour journey would have been life threatening, if not impossible, not because of the icy waters of the Baltic Sea that separated the two countries, but the much more frigid Cold War dividing East and West. Despite the hazards, some Estonians did attempt to flee to the West this way, usually in rickety fishing boats and under cover of night, and a few even succeeded, while others either drowned or were picked up by roving police patrols, their fates unknown.
Christopher Thornton


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