Eclectica Fiction

Dancing With Creation - M. M. Driscoll
"What Thornton did that evening, what I saw him do, was as strange to me as the girl who came home without her baby."

Daily - Michael James Erdedy
"Greg just lies still as they walk away. The keening in his ears has been replaced by a the rumble of the urban mechanism, the throb of the city's hidden machinery. "

Talent - Heidi Moore
"I was feeling naked, as usual. Margot was just this girl who worked upstairs, and we were only in the room together because of the envelopes."

Birtha's Bar - Trevor Reeves
"Birtha's bar was situated in Port Parawera, a small seaside community east of the city. It had long been a haven for dopers, no-hopers and people with quirky life-styles and philosophies."

The Liar - Oren Shafir
"But, you know what, listen anyway, cause, what was it Picasso once said, 'One thousand lies make a truth,' or something like that. Then again, he painted women with eyes in the middle of their foreheads. So, I leave it up to you.You want to listen, listen. At any rate, this story happens to be one hundred percent true."

Video Jungle - Michael Beres
"Despite his fears, there were no protests and no more rocks through his window. And although Monique Johnson was not found, within a month the news stories dwindled..."

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