Jul/Aug 2014 Nonfiction

The Holt Letters, Letter Six

Presented by David Ewald

Hartland Sept 21st 1862

             it stands in hand for every lover of
freedom and free govenment to work with
earnestness and vigor we must work
shoulder to shoulder it will not doo for
us to pull one one way and another another
way and accomplish nothing but
death and disaster to good and faithful
soldiers and our nation. I think we have
a good many exelent General officers in the
army but I am under the necessity to think
they doo not work in unison with one
another is the reason of so much defeat
and disaster. And I am inclined to think
there are some traitors among them if
so they have got to be cleansed out or
we must suffer dredfully the just for
the unjust. It is now tim after seeing
the danger we are surrounded with to be
alive and look on all sides for the rebels
within as well as without. I think it best
to kepp up good cheer and good couriage
I feel as though I should like to be where
1 could render more assistance in the cause
of cleansing the nation of the great evil.
I was sorry to learn that young Dany was
killed. There is some hopes that George R
will recover in a measure I hope he will
I doo not think of any news that would
interest you your mother probably has
written the most if not all. I have ben
rather busy since you wrote me you must
excuse me for negligence as I will you
for useing hard language about the rebels
you verry well reccollect probably what my
views are upon the subject of profanity
well it remains the same I think it best as
far as possible to keep from demoralization
your letters are verry well liked by people
about in this nighbourhood I read them when called
upon. I want you to write as often as you
can as I have told you before I think
you make grand improvements in writeing
therefore I am glad to have you improve
your opportunities in so dooing as it is
a great pleasure to me and a great benafit
to your self I will close by subscribeing
my self your ever loveing Friend
well wisher and Father

Oliver Holt



"Traitors": Oliver perhaps refers to McClellan, whose will to fight couldn't be trusted. Those in Washington "even believed he was a pro-Confederate at heart... willing to let the enemy win the war" (AH, pg. 116).


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