Jul/Aug 2014 Nonfiction

The Holt Letters, Letter Four

Presented by David Ewald

I write this to let you know that
I am well it aint a long one

Culpper Courthouse Va July 27th 1862

                                 Dear Farther and Mother

I recieved your letters of the 18th
I did not get them until! to day
because we have been on a 5 day scout
and have just came in we started the 21st
for Madison Courthouse 18 miles from Culpper
stayed over night and started on towards
Gordonsvill stoped within 4 miles if there
found out that there was reble troops
in there more than we could handle there was
of as the 5th New York 1st Pa 1st N.J. 1st Mich
a and ours and it was reble infantry that
was in Gordonsvill and we could not do any
thing with with infantry unless we have som
to back us and we was all calvalry so we
did not trouble them and so we went
on to Lury which is in Lury valley
and from theire to Sperrysvill and there we
found between 7 and 80 thousand of our
troops and lots of Artillery and from their
we went to Woodvill and from their back
to Culpper there is 5 or 6 regts of infantry
here now I stood the march first rate
I am well and tough and so is George R and
all the Hartland boys I got your letter
with the likeness in it and I call it a
tip top picture if Mother gets one that looks
as much like her as that does like you she
will get a good likeness. George R wants
his mother to send him a bunch of
Envelopes do them up in a peace of paper
and send them as you do a leter it
wont cost more than 6 cts he is a gain
to write soon. I will writ a longer
letter soon I cant write any more now
I wil write and give you all the news
I can I am much obliged to you for
that likeness tell Mother that I call that
a good likeness tell her to send hears
when she writes

This from your affectionate Son Henry Holt

PS. this is a short letter but
I have not time to write any more now



Henry spells Father as "Farther."


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