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The Holt Letters, Letter Twelve

Presented by David Ewald

Lewinsville Va. Jan 15 1863

                                      Mr Holt:

Dear Sir:

I received your letter
two or three days ago but had to
go on picket the next day so I have
not had time to answer it before
At the time Henry died I was out
to the front and have been near
by all the time since. I was with
him when he was shot but did
not have an opportunity to go
and see him while he was in
the hospital and when I did go
to see him he had been dead nearly
a week. The last time I was in
camp (three days ago) Lieut Cushman
was getting his Henrys things together and
said that he was going to send
them home to you. I was in only two
or three hours and dont know whether
he did so or not. The next
time I go in to camp
if he has not sent them I will
do all that I can to find them
and send them to you. We are
now our company and company I
at a small place called Lewinsville
about 14 miles from Washington doing
picket duty, it is very warm weather
for this time of year the ground
is not frosen at all and some of the
men are plowing. We have not had
any storms of snow or rain of any
account here this fall but before
long I suppose it will be all
the worse. If you see Mr Rumrills
folks tell them that I am
anxious to hear from George and
have been expecting a letter this
good while. If the things do not come
write to me again and I will get a pass
and go in and see to them and do
anything that I can to oblige you
Yours Respectfully

G W Everest



This letter is from a battlefield friend of Henry Holt. He tried to get leave to see Henry but arrived too late by a week.


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