Jul/Aug 2014 Nonfiction

The Holt Letters, Letter Eleven

Presented by David Ewald

Nov 2nd 1862 Mansion House Hospital Alexandria Va

                                    Mr Holt

Dear Sir

I was very sorry I did not see
you before you left for home I
went out on the street after diner
with the intention of coming back
in time to see you before you started
for Washington but as I got belated
& did not get back in time to see
you I thought I would write
you a line with the particulars of Henrys
death as near as I can recolect them
which you will find on the first page
if there is any thing else you wish
to know write me & I will inform
you if stays in my powr to do so
if you wish to write to me Respectfuly yours
direct to F N Pressey


Henry came into the Hospital on
the 23rd of Sept he appered to be in very
good health when he came in
& was very cheerful! & appeard to be
contented & happy & remained so untill
about too weaks before he died
when the jundice began to make
thier appearance on him he was
prety sick with them about a
weak when he began to complain
of his throat being sore & he said
it had been sore a day or too before
he said any thing to any one about it
when the Dr came around in the
morning he looked at his throat &
gave him some medisine to take
but it did not seam to do him any
good for he kept getting worse but I
did not think he would die untill
about three oclock in the afternoon
before he died he got a good deal worse
so much so that the Dr was sent
for he came but could not do any
thing for him he gave up all hopes
of getting well about five oclock &
told me that he could not live till
morning & he said he wanted me
to write to his mother he wanted
me to tell her that he has done just
as she told him to do & to tell her
that he was not afraid to die. he set
up in his chare untill about an
hour beore he died when he said
he wanted to lie down I helped
him on the bed I set down beside
the bed & set beside him till he died
he seamed to be very anxous about
the welfare of his mother he was
in his right mind untill about ten
minutes before he died he died at
about fiteen minutes before ten oclock
in the eavning of Oct 29th 1862


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