ECLECTICA Nonfiction - Apr/May 2010
Apr/May 2010

e c l e c t i c a   n o n f i c t i o n


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The Files of the Living
Sometimes I am distracted by noises from the clinic—a child's shout, laughter, the insistent rhythm of my father's voice—and I lose myself in medical history, my father's chickenscratch hand recording all the suffering of the world.
Michael Copperman


When she was really sick and didn't have the strength to walk, my grandma's daddy would carry his wife in his rough farmer's arms from the automobile to the movie theater, and my grandma would run ahead to hold the doors open for them.
Rebecca Peterson


There's a faint but distinct tang of feces wafting up from the floor. This was my first clue that he was really gone.
R.A. Costello


Orgones, Jazz and General Motors: Young, free And Easy in Motor City
Young men then felt themselves free to take their time and roam about and enjoy their eligibility. They could postpone matrimony. Years of carefree bachelorhood were theirs until they ran the clock right up to the shocking age of 30! After that, they too were likely to face suspicion, made to worry about their solidity.
Julia Braun Kessler


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