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Vol. 13, No. 3
July/August, 2009

s p o t l i g h t   o n . . .
The fiction of Richard Larson
Spotlight Authors
f r o m   t h e   e d i t o r s
Tom Dooley reflects on this issue
From the Editors
t h e   s a l o n
Commentary by Stanley Jenkins and Thomas J. Hubschman
The Salon

f i c t i o n
Stories by Allan Richard Shapiro,
Otto Lambert, James Terry, Roland Goity,
Mark Staniforth, Daniel C. Porder, Paul Silverman,
Barry Jay Kaplan,
and Thomas Lee


p o e t r y
Verse by Alex Ward, Antonia Clark, j. a. tyler,
Bojan Pavlovic, Ray Templeton, Lisa Mullenneaux,
Anindita Sengupta, Barbara de Franceschi, Hemant Mohapatra,
Jami Macarty, Katie Tunning, Bob Bradshaw, Greta Bolger,
Cat Dixon, Taylor Graham,
and Jennifer Finstrom


n o n f i c t i o n
Prose by Gregory Dunn, Kevin Brown,
and Julia Braun Kessler

t r a v e l
Going places with Gez Devlin, Todd Zuniga,
and William Reese Hamilton
m i s c e l l a n y
John-Michael Rivera gets encyclopedic
r e v i e w s  &  i n t e r v i e w s
Reviews and interviews from Colleen Mondor,
Kajsa Wiberg, Niranjana Iyer, Saralee Rosenberg,
Lea Deschenes, Jeffrey James Keyes, Judith Barrington,
Judith Arcana, Ellen Meister, Ann Skea,

and Gilbert Wesley Purdy
Book Reviews