Oct/Nov 2008

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Fiction Special

We have featured some of the flash output from Alex Keegan's Boot Camp here in the past.

In preparation for this year's "Children in Need" charity fund-raising marathon, Boot Campers and guests had a dummy run, a month of daily flashing, 30 days instead of 30 hours.

Here are seven of those stories, blindly selected by Eclectica:

(These are excerpts—click on the title to view the whole story)


Mokana Children's Home
Last week a thief came to our back garden. The same one as before, I suppose, the one who stole the boys' clothes from the line.
Sheila Killian


And now, it seems, thinking, remembering, is all I can do. Now, in cups or lying in half-darknesses, I travel those old roads. I have gone at dusk through narrow streets. I have walked among the dead cities. I have trod in ash. I have smelt burning fat.
Chez Pauff


Words & Silence
We were thrilled with Iridescence and soothed by Plangent. We worried over Caliginous and fretted on receiving Cadaverous. All the time trying to understand Jack. Trying to reconstruct our shallow memories of him around these words that he sent.
Martin Roxby


I think it was laziness that got him through the first few dangerous days. He'd sit at her table and allow her to fry him breakfast, to wash up afterwards, just talking, listening, touching nothing. That way he learned the geometry of permissions, his place in her place.
Sheila Killian


Learning by Rote
"I wish I could believe in something beyond study and the truth of the Book."
Jason Armitage


So Small and So Far Away
The photo I have of Mum from my seventh birthday begins to look more and more like my reflection, and I cut my hair like hers to get at Dad. I start sleeping with boys early, trying to cultivate the same charisma as her.
Chelsey Flood


Paper Bird
Her sorrow makes it so much worse. If she could just come out with it, lay down the facts. He's an idiot. She is beautiful.
Nancy Saunders


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