Apr/May 2008

e c l e c t i c a   f i c t i o n   s p e c i a l

Fiction Special

The Fiction Workhouse is an online writers' collective founded by Eclectica contributor Vanessa Gebbie in early 2007. Members from the USA, the UK, India, France, Israel, and Finland come together on the Web to share work and to buzz creative minds with writing exercises such as this one.

In this exercise, participants used a photo-art collage by Beverly Jackson as a writing prompt. Eclectica blindly selected three of the resulting flashes, and we're proud to present them here along with the artwork that inspired them.

Art by Beverly Jackson

(These are excerpts—click on the title to view the whole story)


Buddha Gold
The ten-dollar players looked for men in the Rodeo Drive suits with fat wallets, but Charlene did nicely with visiting Persian housewives, bored girls who stood around waiting for their boyfriends, and oddballs like this Chinese chick.
Beverly Jackson


House of Cards
Minutes later, she felt the Mazda shudder to a stop. Huge, lumber hands swallowed her eyes. "You ready?" Ted slowly counted to three, then fanned out his fingers to reveal Shasha's birthday present.
Michelle Tandoc-Pichereau


You could always say you were a Satanist
I believe in plenty of things.
Anna Britten


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