Oct/Nov 2007

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The Darkie Ages
I'm not saying that every white person who lives in Georgia is a hick, nor am I saying that all hicks are racists. I'm just saying that, wherever they may be holed up, practicing their backwards, racist ways, there are just too many of the kind of hicks and crackers who would even conceive of a segregated prom, let alone still insist on having one.  
Tom Dooley


The Body Electric
The main reason the idea of a non-corporeal soul or disembodied mind appeals to us, remains such an ingrained prejudice, is because we have convinced ourselves that rational thought and human self-awareness are not possible for mere flesh. Also, we have no experience of consciousness ending without it reawakening, usually the next morning. We cannot imagine oblivion because we cannot experience it.  
Thomas J. Hubschman


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