Sites to Which We're Somehow Incestuously Connected

(and that we may or may not necessarily otherwise endorse)

The Adirondack Review
Colleen Marie Ryor edits, along with Sarah Crevelling, Ace Boggess, James Stephens, Robert Dassanowsky, and D.Y. Bechard.
African writers, ideas, prose, poetry, books and photos.
Founded and edited by Sven Birkerts, with Askold Melnyczuk, William Pierce, William Giraldi, William Charles Delman, Jessica Keener, Beth Woodcome, Rachel DeWoskin, Jennifer Stroup, and many others.
The American Poetry Review
Stephen Berg, David Bonanno, and Arthur Vogelsang edit. Associate Editor Elizabeth Scanlon.
Animal Farm
Patrick W. Gallagher, Editor.
The Apple Valley Review
Leah Browning edits.
Barcelona Review
Edited by Jill Adams.
"Bridges the gap between high and low culture."
Gregory Donovan and Mary Flinn, senior editors; M. A. Keller and Jeff Lodge, online editors; Anna Journey and Susan Settlemyre Williams, associate editors.
BlazeVOX 2k4: An.Online.Journal.of.Voice.
Brought to fruition by Geoffrey Gatza, Charles LaSalle, C. J. Cregg, Sam Seaborne, Thomas Waterhouse, and Clarice Waldman.
Blue Print Review
Edited by Dorothee Lang.
Jessa Crispin edits "a monthly web magazine and daily blog dedicated to those who love to read" providing "a constant supply of news, reviews, commentary, insight, and more than occasional opinions." Many contributing writers, including Eclectica's own Colleen Mondor.
Born Magazine
Annmarie Trimble edits along with Tenaya Darlington, Monica Drake, and Bruce Smith. Gabe Kean directs art and a talented team of folks (Kim Markegard, Seb Chevrel, and Daryn Nakhuda) runs the technology show.
DiPlacido, Susan
Author's personal website.
The Dream People: A Journal of Bizarro Literature
Edited by D. Harlan Wilson.
Drunken Boat
Founded by Ravi Shankar and Michael K. Mills, also edited by Aaron Hawn, John Joynt, Shawn M. McKinney, and many others.
The Dublin Quarterly
Peter and Gloria meld Irish with International.
Duotrope's Digest of Fiction Fields
Remarkably thorough, user-friendly, and up-to-date database of short story and poetry markets.
The Dusty Shelf
"For readers who have a passion and love for classic literature." Edited by Amy Arden.
Edit Red Writing Community
Run by Managing Editor Chris Lee Ramsden.
Every Writer's Resource
Edited by Richard Edwards.
Owned, operated, and occasionally violated by Lee Klein.
Exquisite Corpse: A Journal of Letters and Life
Edited by Andrei Codrescu.
Thom Didato, Speed Weed, and Greta Jenkins edit. Great fiction, especially.
Fine Arts Work Center
Based in Provincetown, MA; Grace Ryder-O'Malley, Program Coordinator.
Five Star Literary Stories
Editors of online publications nominate their favorite stories, top-notch writers review them, and T.J. Forrester tastefully presents the results.
Edited by Matt Shoard and Tammy Ho Lai-Ming.
Edited by Ellen Parker, with Sean Farragher and Meridith Gresher.
Front Porch Journal
Executive editor, Tom Grimes.
Go Ezines - Ezine Directory
Find ezines, ezine trades, ezine advertising, articles, tips and advice about ezines.
Gowanus: An International Online Journal of Idea & Observation
Thomas J. Hubschman edits with Abbas Zaidi, Richard Cumyn, Anthony Milne, Vicente Revilla
The Horror Zine
Edited by Jeani Rector.
Hyder, Annette Marie
Personal website, plenty o' ink.
Identity Theory
Founded and edited by Matt Borondy, with Robert Birnbaum, Andrew Whitacre, Mara Naselli, Ross Simonini, Alexandra Tursi, Sage Tucker-Ketcham, Elham Shabahat, Matthew Sorrento, and many others.
In the Fray
"An online magazine devoted to issues of identity and community" edited by Laura Nathan, Nicole Leistikow, and others.
Jen Michalski edits with Catherine Harrison, Alyce Lomax, Oana Capota, Pam Pieroni, and Jenny Sadre-Orafai
Kasma Science Fiction Magazine
Edited by Alex Korovessis.
King, Amy
Personal website with links to many author's home pages.
The King's English
Founded and edited by Benjamin Chambers, with help from poetry editor Mark W. Fry, critic Robb Freda-Cowie, and "fact-checker and animal wrangler" Mitchell Pollack.
Lamination Colony
Edited by Blake Butler.
Edited by Darran Anderson.
Monthly online review edited by Susan Culver.
A writers' workshop for the people, by the people, and of the people, edited by Dave Scotese.
Edited by Roland Goity and Kimy Martinez, web producer John Kovac.
Mad Hatters' Review
Published and edited by Carol Novack, with help from Tantra Bensko, C.B. Smith, and others.
Melic Review
CE Chaffin, Kathleen Carbone Chaffin, Laird Barron, and Valerie Cihylik edit. No longer adding new issues, but the archives are still there.
Narrative Magazine
Fiction and nonfiction edited by Carol Edgarian and Tom Jenks.
List of online literary magazines, including sponsored listings. Run by Casey Hill.
No Tell Motel
Reb Livingston, Editor, Molly Arden, Contributing Editor, Nancy King, Site Designer, and Chris Morrow, Technical Support. Very, very cool.
Ofi Press
Mexico City publication founded by Jack Little.
Our Stories
Alexis E. Santi edits, with help from Josh Campbell, M.M. De Voe, JK Mason, and Kendra Tuthil.
Out of Print
Founding editor Indira Chandrasekhar, with Samhita Arni and Mira Brunner.
Oyster Boy Review
Damon Sauve edits.
Anne Leigh Parrish
The author's personal website.
Paumanok Review
Per Contra
Miriam N. Kotzin, editor for fiction, poetry, and visual arts; Bill Turner, editor for non-fiction, photography, and music.
Whitney Pastorek edits, along with Kristin McGonigle, Mark Yakich, Whitney Steen, Grace Bello, Nora Fussner, Benjamin Balcomb, and a host of readers. Founded by Jeff Boison. Also now defunct, but the archives are there to read.
Powell's Author Interviews
Dave Weich sits down with 90% of the authors you've ever heard of. An amazing resource for people who are interested in the world of writers.
The Potomac / a journal of poetry and politics
Edited by Nathan Leslie and Pamela A. Chaiet, with help on the political side from Barry Frye, Don Thompson, and Mike Zasadil. Created by Michael Neff as part of the Web Del Sol online empire. Neff also serves as chief political editor.
Preacher Boy
Free MP3s from distinctive singer/songwriter/guitarist! All that, and former Eclectica poetry contributor.
Prick of the Spindle
Edited by Cynthia Reeser, Erin McKnight, Jen Garfield, and Jeffrey Taylor.
Review Americana
Edited by Leslie Kreiner Wilson.
Perhaps the most self-explanatory URL ever.
Rimbaud, Dee
Personal web page with extensive links, samples of the author's work, interviews, and more.
Sampsonia Way
Managing editor Silvia Duarte.
Quarterly online journal published and edited by Erika Lutzner, with guest editors June Coleman Magrab, Christine Hamm, Kate Hall.
Scorched Earth Publications
Mark Manis and Connie Roberts edit.
Sein und Werden
Edited by Rachel Kendall.
Segue: A Journal of the Arts
The online literary journal of Miami University-Middletown, edited by Eric Melbye and Michelle Lawrence.
Shampoo: A Poetry Magazine
Edited by Del Ray Cross.
ShatterColors Literary Review
Founded and edited by Robert Scott Leyse.
Smartish Pace
Founder Stephen Reichert edits along with Daniel Todd, Dan Cryer, Clare Banks, Traci O'Dea, Kristin Lindholm, Sam R. McColl, Cliff Williams, Freeman Rogers, Jared Fischer, John Martin, Jake Ricafrente, and webmaster Paul Armstrong.
Stickman Review
Anthony Brown and Darrin English edit.
Stirring: A Literary Collection
Erin Elizabeth, Meagan Cass, John Turner, MJM, Aaron Jackson, Letitia Trent, Erika Lanier, and Alissa Appel edit.
storySouth: The Best from New South Writers
Jason Sanford, Jake Adam York, and Dan Albergotti edit.
Strange Horizons
Edited by Susan Marie Groppi, with Karen Meisner, Brian Peters, and a small army of others.
The Sun
Published and edited by Sy Safransky, along with Tim McKee, Andrew Snee, Robert Graham, Colleen Donfieldm, Erica Berkeley, Rachel J. Elliott, Luc Saunders, and Seth Mirsky, with help from plenty of others.
Tarpaulin Sky
Christian Peet, Lizzie Harris, Jonathan Livingston, Lisa Boyer, Eireene Nealand, Leisl Johnson, and Elizabeth Williamson edit.
Thieves Jargon
Matt DiGangi, Jacob McArthur Mooney, Justin Hyde, Jason Behrends, and Andy Riverbed edit.
Poetry, Fiction, and beautiful visuals served up by founding editor Mia.
Twelve Stories
Fiction edited by Blythe Winslow and Molly Gaudry.
Web Del Sol
Michael Neff edits "a literary arts new media complex which pushes the envelope of both definitions" of literary publication and Internet portal.
Features stories under 1000 words. Scott Garson edits.
Word Riot
Founded and edited by Jackie Corley, with Charles P. Ries, Kevin O'Cuinn, and Timmy Waldron.
Experimental poetry zine edited by Jody Porter.

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