About the Editors
Eclectica was founded in 1996 by Tom Dooley and Chris Lott, with Chris providing most of the inspiration and even more of the perspiration. Chris left the magazine in 1998, and after muddling along on his own for a while, Tom found valuable assistance in Julie King. Julie, one of the first Eclectica authors, signed on to help with poetry but soon became a full co-editor. Then Tom and Julie got married! Always a labor of love, Eclectica had become even more so. However, after six years of serving as the Poetry Editor and generally keeping Tom from making too much of a fool of himself, Julie needed time to meet other obligations and devote to her own writing. Fortunately in the meantime, a host of other volunteer editors had joined the Eclectica team, and with their help, the adventure continues.

Tom Dooley taught middle and high school English for 12 years in Alaska, Arizona, and Wisconsin. A former wrestling coach, gas station attendant, forklift driver, bank teller, and many other things that added up to a total absence of career planning, he finally went and got a Masters in Public Administration, which he used to execute a ten-year career managing budgets for the federal government. He has now moved on to the private sector, working for the man by day, serving as Eclectica's Managing Editor and Fiction Editor by night.

Jennifer Finstrom has been the Poetry Editor of Eclectica since the fall issue of 2005. A former Spotlight Author, her poetry has appeared in several journals, including RHINO, After Hours, Midwestern Gothic, and NEAT. Originally from Wisconsin, she now lives in Chicago, Illinois. At DePaul University, Jennifer teaches in the First-Year Writing Program and also works as a peer writing tutor and writing group leader for the University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL).

Anne Leigh Parrish is Eclectica's Fiction Editor. Her debut novel, What Is Found, What Is Lost was published in October 2014 by She Writes Press. She is the author of two previous books, both short story collections: Our Love Could Light The World (2013, She Writes Press) and All The Roads That Lead From Home (2011, Press 53). She lives in Seattle.

David Ewald is Eclectica's Nonfiction Editor. A previous contributor, his work has also appeared in Metazen, BULL: Men's Fiction, Denver Syntax, The Chimaera, and Halfway Down the Stairs, among other publications. His novella Markson's Pier (written with Stuart Ross) was published in Volume XI of Essays & Fictions.

Gilbert Wesley Purdy is Eclectica's Review Editor. His new book, entitled The Ties of the Railroad Tracks Home: the Poetry of Jared Carter, is available at He has published poetry, prose, and translation in many journals, paper and electronic, including Jacket Magazine, Poetry International (San Diego State University), The Georgia Review (University of Georgia), Grand Street, SLANT (University of Central Arkansas), The Evansville Review (University of Evansville), Rattle (online), Consciousness Literature and the Arts (University of Wales, Aberystwyth), Orbis (UK), Eclectica, and Valparaiso Poetry Review. Links to his books appear at his Amazon Author Page.

Past assistant and guest editors include Kevin McGowin, Tara Gilbert-Brever, Mitchell Metz, John Reinhard, Thom Ingram, Linera Lucas, Jessica Handle, Jodi L. Laughlin, Michael Spice, Pamela Gemin, Paul Sampson, Colleen Mondor, Elizabeth P. Glixman, Pamela Mackey, Tamara M. Brenno-Uribarri, and the aforementioned Julie King.

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